Our Tribe

We are eco conscious thrift hunters working in harmony with mother earth to inspire sustainable and creative change.

Our style is a mix of modern cool and rock bohemian vibes. We are drawn to leather, denim and western details as it reflects our inner rebel. Our style is effortless, sometimes minimal, sometimes edgy but always reflects our mood.

We love the addition of a statement piece to give our outfit personality and authenticity. This is why we do not follow trends, we prefer something unique and different from the rest of the fashion pack. We belong to a conscious tribe, one that has awoken to the effects fast fashion and endless consuming has on mother earth and on the hands that make our clothes.

The Style Resurrection tribe is not just about fashion, its a sustainable lifestyle choice. We make a conscious effort to consume less and buy with intention, while helping to preserve the planet.

We are proud thrifter’s and love the fact that each preloved piece we bring into our home has a past life, carries an interesting story, even travelled a great distance to find us and now breathes new life, a new journey with us.